I Sure Hope NFL GMs Undervalue Lacy As Much As Sportswriters Do

I was previously up in the air about whether or not I wanted Lacy back. Not because I don’t love him or think he’s a beast and not because of injuries or weight issues (as he’s been productive through both), but because I don’t know if he’s suited to the offense.

The more time has passed, the more I’ve just thought “You know, I like this stuff, we can figure out how to make it work.”

Now the question is affordability.

It’s very easy for free agents (internal and external) to price themselves out of the Packers, but rumblings are that may not be the case with Lacy.

ProfootballTalk.com (which I read too much) ranks Lacy as the 63rd hottest free agent, behind three other running backs and four other Packers.

Spotrac estimates Lacy’s value at a mere $2.8M per year.

For a guy who does this!?

That looks like a steal to me. He showed the discipline to get in shape last offseason, which gives me hope he can rehab this offseason.

I would love a game plan that features Ripkowski getting the first five carries of a game, followed by Ty slashing around through the first series or two of the third quarter, the a fresh Lacy comes in to plow people over for the duration of the game.

Highly unrealistic and not even really practical, but I still think, for this price range, you have to bring him back.

It’s a much better investment than this clown.

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