Let’s Hope No One Else Takes A Chance On Tretter

When the Packers drafted in Tretter in 2013, I had high hopes. Then he missed the whole season and I had high hopes for 2014. Then he missed half of that year. In 2015, he was healthy the whole season and showed value as a backup and spot starter.

He started 2016 where he finished 2015: as the starting center, doing a great job. Then he got hurt again and missed half the season.

When healthy, he’s been top-notch, potentially (but hopefully not) a replacement for TJ Lang. But who knows if he’s another Mike Flanagan, who can be a Pro Bowl center after shaking off early-career injuries, or another Justin Harrell, whose body just can’t stand up to the full time rigors of the NFL (with the difference being that Tretter is actually good).

He just had knee surgery in January after injuring it in October, which should dampen his demand as a free agent. Hopefully he comes back at least on a prove-it deal. When a guy is really talented, but really injury-prone, he makes the perfect backup.

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