Yes, PFTW Nailed The Packers Draft

Here at PFTW, we aim to provide insights more than break news. This year, we were pretty insightful when it came to the draft. We don’t like to brag… unless we really nail something. And this year (somehow), we did.


Round 1
In the article So What Should The Packers Do In The First Round?, PFTW said “That’s right, trade down. I don’t really care who’s there… the best chance to find good guys is by drafting a lot of guys.”

Ted traded down. He didn’t care that TJ Watt and Reuben Foster were there, he went volume and, one day after the draft, it looks like the right move.

In the same article, we also said “… the top 10 … you can only get there by going 3-13 (like the Bears did – we should probably be scared of who they will pick, but don’t worry, this is the franchise that takes guys like Curtis Enis and Cade McNown).”

Sure enough, the Bears Bearsed it up – you can read about their scope of their idiocy in the article Ha! The Bears Really Bearsed This Up!


Round 2
After Ted did what we said in round 1, we told him what to do next in Day 1 Recap: “If they can’t get an offer they like, I think they should take CB Kevin King.”

Once again, Ted listened. They were working the phones (and put out a nice little Kizer smokescreen to try to drum up interest) and when nothing came to fruition, they took our man Kevin King (Don’t blame us if he sucks, I’m just saying we got the pick right).

Also in round 2, they took Josh Jones from NC State. Wouldn’t you know it, our article Day 2 & 3 Previous – Defense included this: “2nd – Josh Jones, NC State” Nailed it.


Round 3
Back to that article, if you scroll up to the first section of Day 2 & 3 Previous – Defense, you’ll see this: “3rd – Montravius Adams, Auburn”

And in Well Done, Ted, we said “I’ll also point out that I like Montravius Adams as a second day guy.”

What did Ted do in the 3rd? Montravious Adams, Auburn. On fire!


Round 4
In Lots of Talent Waiting For Packers On Day 3, we said we liked Vince Biegel: “Vince Biegel – Classic Ted Thompson football guy.” And we pointed him out in Day 2 & 3 Preview – Defense, too:  “6th – Vince Biegel, Wisconsin” (ok, maybe one of us wanted him a little lower, but cut us some slack, we nailed the first three rounds!).

Of course, after reading PFTW, Ted went ahead and took our man Biegel.

With the second pick in the 4th round, Ted took Jamaal Williams from BYU, who we said they should take in the 6th in Day 2 & 3 Preview – Offense: “6th – Jamaal Williams, BYU.”


Rounds 5-7
DeAngelo Yancey! Ok, we didn’t see this one coming – did you? Don’t lie. That’s what I thought. This pick was the center square on @JuMosq’s epic Ted Draft Bingo board that you can grab here for next year (the good news is by the end of each draft, everyone is guaranteed to win).

We also didn’t see Kofi Amichia or Devante Mays coming, but we had both Aaron Jones and Malachi Dupre in Day 2 & 3 Preview – Offense. They were drafted in the 5th and 7th respectively, and we had them ranked 7th and 5th. Come, that’s still pretty good.


As you can tell by the results, we are pretty happy with the way the draft went (It’s about time Ted started listening to us!). We will have more analysis on the draft results and our thoughts and the week goes on.

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