Your Full 2017 Draft Prep Guide

Here is everything you need to read to prepare for the start of the 2017 NFL Draft. We looked at the roster position-by-position and also looked back at how Ted has fared in each round in the past. We looked at successful drafting themes and did some case studies on some individual player questions.

What didn’t we do? A giant profile on each top prospect. Why? They’re all wrong. History has shown us that no one gets these right all the time (not even Bill Belichick, that’s why he has to cheat). Clearly teams didn’t think Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady were worth top 20 picks. But guys like Jamarcus Russell and Brady Quinn sure were, though. Blair Thomas went 15 picks before Emmitt Smith. Four time Pro Bowl corner Brent Grimes went undrafted. We didn’t try to beat the pros, we also didn’t do mock drafts. They can be fun, but come on, who’s even gonna get the top 10 right?

So, without trying to guess or predict things that we can’t guess or predict with any level of accuracy, here’s all the background and context you need to prep for the draft… and when you’re done with that, but still want mocks and analysis, go check out @JuMosq on twitter for all sorts of great custom analytics.


Day 2 Coverage
Lots Of Talent Waiting For Packers On Day 3

Day 1 Coverage
Day 2 & 3 Preview – Offense
Day 2 & 3 Preview – Defense
Well Done, Ted
Day 1 Recap
Ha! The Bears Really Bearsed This Up!

Updated Coverage
2017 Draft – Preparing for Day 1
So What Should The Packers Do In The First Round?


Background on Drafting
How To Draft For A Title
Why Skill Position Players Are A Dime A Dozen
Are The Packers Embracing A New Defensive Philosophy?
How Randy Moss Helped The Packers Win A Super Bowl



Positional Analysis
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Quarterbacks
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Running Backs
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Wide Receivers
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Tight Ends
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Offensive Line
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Defensive Line
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Linebackers
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Cornerbacks
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Safeties
A Pre-Draft Look At Our Specialists


Ranking Ted’s Past Picks
Ranking Ted’s First Round Picks
Ranking Ted’s Second Round Picks
Ranking Ted’s Third Round Picks
Ranking Ted’s Fourth Round Picks
Ranking Ted’s Fifth Round Picks
Ranking Ted’s Sixth Round Picks
Ranking Ted’s Seventh Round Picks
Ranking Ted’s Best Undrafted Rookie Free Agents


Case Studies for 2017
The Mixon Issue: An Intelligent Question
I’m Not Sure What To Think Of Christian McCaffrey
To Watt Or Not To Watt


And If That’s Not Enough
Why the 2013 Draft Class Wasn’t As Bad As You Think
Well Jared (And Fans), That’s How Ted Works


Still Here? This Is Also Important
Public Service Announcement


What Else?
Uhhh… Follow Us On Twitter


Oh, We Did April Fools, Too
Clay Matthews Restructures Contract


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